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Every survivor needs a little black book. Imagine a large scale disaster so catastrophic that resorting to desperate measures becomes the only avenue for survival. For whatever reason, you may find it necessary to scavenge resources from the nearest abandoned town, restaurant, store-front, or strip mall. The Survivor's Book of Lists details noteworthy survival items from about any establishment imaginable.  Look at it as your shopping list for the APOCALYPSE.
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Over 70 printed pages with over 50 detailed lists!
From Funeral Homes and Hair Salons to Churches and Thrift Stores, this book of lists details everything worth scavenging in a worse-case survival scenario.

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The Survivor's Book of Lists is your GROCERY LIST for the APOCALYPSE!
Who would think that PUPPY PADS could be a survival item?  But did you know they make great emergency first aid absorption pads or INSULATION for makeshift beds.

Or how about KITTY LITTER or CEDAR CHIPS from a PET STORE?  Did you know they can be used to make an improvised toilet in a grid down scenario.

Or, did you know that most office break rooms are equipped with standard first aid kits?
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Normally $6.99!
These lists represent important items essential for survival, which can be sourced during a desperate scenario from common establishments in almost every town or city. This is simply a book of lists. Space does not allow for an elaboration for the reasoning behind each and every item. However, brief notes have been made throughout on particularly interesting items that may have unique uses. Some items are notated with an asterisk (*). These represent ‘top priority’ commodities that will be particularly useful as a survival item or for trade/barter.

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Has a lot of good information, just find the list you need and ...
Review By K Gebron
Used some of the lists for creating my vehicle emergency bag. Has a lot of good information, just find the list you need and follow it!
Great book!
Review By Zig
This is a super handy book. The lists would make it real easy when everything is going crazy.
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Over 50 lists detailing survival items from 50 different establishments!
Some locations include:
  • Churches
  • Library 
  • URGENT Care!
Page 4. Commercial Good Superstore
Page 9. Hardware Store
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